The Importance of Documenting Your Vision

Something I never really thought about until it I heard myself uttering these words at work "Yeah, I thought about that before.....": if you are leading a team, accountable for direction and implementation, or in any way want to be recognized for a vision you're working toward, it is non negotiable that you document your... Continue Reading →

Impostor Syndrome & Dev Schools

Something I hear from a lot of students when they first enter the Web Development Immersive program at GA is they feel as thought their particular background does not lend to success in this environment they've found themselves in. Students know that the environment they are entering is grueling and that the learning experience will... Continue Reading →

Framing Goals

After joining General Assembly, I realized I'd not only entered the tech industry, I'd also entered the education industry. And so far, I've learned a TON about the world of teachers and learning. For all the educators out there this post is going to seem really obvious. But for all of you that are like me,... Continue Reading →

Make a Positivity Toolkit

A few months ago I sat down and quickly hashed out a list of tools I use to stay positive and stay on track. These are the little decisions I make to "course correct" at any time. I think its pretty beneficial for any 20-something year old to try this as you navigate what you want... Continue Reading →

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