Investing in the Experience Economy

originally posted:  “Pics or it didn’t happen” is my generation’s version of “if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” I have spent way too much time fretting over the caption that would just perfectly complement the memory I wanted to show off (if you’ve been there, you’ve been... Continue Reading →

The Future of Work(ers)

Originally posted in Dec 2019  My take on what the future might hold for workers In 2013, I worked with two students’ whose journeys have stuck with me ever since: Mariah* had worked in a call center until it downsized as chatbots emerged. She came to General Assembly seeking a career change as a result.... Continue Reading →

Where is VR/AR and Education Now?

Originally published on VRScout on July 25, 2017: In March 2014 Facebook bought Oculus and the current wave of interest in VR and AR was reborn. While the public largely scoffed at the awkward goggles, industry pundits proclaimed VR/AR would one day replace our 2D screens, and highlighted education as one of the top applications in... Continue Reading →

Paranoid Optimism

You can assume that everything that can go wrong, will, and still be an optimist. Trust me, I'm a pro at it. Flash back a few years ago to early 2014. At work, my division was growing like wildfire. Like a thorny weed. Like bunny rabbits. Heck it was growing so fast we couldn't remember... Continue Reading →

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