Make a Positivity Toolkit

A few months ago I sat down and quickly hashed out a list of tools I use to stay positive and stay on track. These are the little decisions I make to “course correct” at any time. I think its pretty beneficial for any 20-something year old to try this as you navigate what you want to do with your life/career. So thought I’d share mine and see if anyone else has a positivity toolkit they use to keep driving forward. Enjoy!

Mood Hack Kit: Tools for Positivity
  1. Answer the question: what do you want to be long term? Tell someone in your personal life the answer to this question and make sure they ask you about how you’re getting there daily or weekly
  2. Count to 5 or 10 anytime something makes you upset. During that time, ask yourself if whatever is making you upset is going to impact your answer to #1 (what you want to be long term)
  3. Stop and ask yourself on a weekly or daily basis – how are you making the people around you feel?
  4. Write down somewhere how you are making people feel or get someone to ask you how you made people feel each day
  5. Write down your goals and objectives and post them somewhere you always see – the key here is to write them down
  6. Read articles and books that inspire you
  7. Smile and remember my colleague Scott’s words (he’s a psychology junky): don’t try to control your thoughts, just try to control your reactions to them (this is also part of the mindfulness theory)
  8. Find what inspires you and go after it
  9. Find someone who needs mentoring: Open up to them about how you’ve navigated your path, help them find their passion, and focus on helping them get better
  10. Find a mentor to guide you
  11. Talk to a peer about how you want to focus on improving yourself and improve together

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