Repost of a Tweet inspired by My original tweet response:

We all know that person who JUST started thinking about the world of edtech 2 seconds ago and espouses very hot takes like “Universities are dead” and “K12 is all wrong, let’s get rid of teachers.” It happens to virtually everyone who enters the industry so this is truly a no shade thrown post. I was that person 8 years ago.

I still admire the sentiment behind wanting to “disrupt” the industry, but years of hard-earned lessons have taught me that sparing a market jolt (Covid in 2020), several industries with deeply entrenched interests, intensive labor models, and that represent lifetime altering consumer decisions, are less prone to rapid change than others: especially education and healthcare.

So, the Gartner Hype Cycle, which perfectly explains so much of life (I used to work in VR), is also the pithiest way to explain the eye-roll you might see me fighting off when someone tells me “everyone should drop out of college” with a stone-cold face.

And who knows, Covid might change things so dramatically that I’ll be eating my words (memes) in due time. After all I did write about how the future is happening now in edtech given the covid accelerant. We shall see. Enjoy 😊


Gartner Hype Cycle:

5 Stages of the Hype Cycle

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